General Terms and Conditions of Carriage

§ 1 Scope of services

The scope of services of the My Shuttle 4 Airport includes the safe transport of one or more persons to a contractually pre-arranged day, time, pick-up point and destination.
During the reservation process, other services, such as baggage (e.g. non-standard baggage, bikes, wheelchairs), child seats or the transportation of pets have to be arranged and agreed on separately.

§ 2 Reservations

A customer`s non-binding booking request is not automatically a valid contract. The contract between the customer and the My Shuttle 4 Airport is only valid, after the customer receives a booking confirmation by the My Shuttle 4 Airport.
Last-minute reservation through the customer hotline are confirmed verbally, or if you like also confirmed in writing. The customer is obliged to check the correctness of the booking confirmation immediately after receiving it. In case of a deviation, the customer is obliged to contact the My Shuttle 4 Airport immediately. If the customer does not check the correctness of the reservation, which leads to the danger of previous or later bookings reservations, the My Shuttle 4 Airport is able to cancel the customer’s reservation without a claim for refund.

After a booking the system will save a profile of the user. This is important for informations about discount prices and general news. Your personal data will not given to third person. It is just for advertise use in My Shuttle 4 Airport.

§ 3 Pick-up point and destination

The customer is obliged to be on call 60 minutes before the departure. If this is not the case and the customer is not at the pre-arranged pick-up point, the reservation is canceled after 15 minutes (after the arranged time). In this case the customer is obliged to pay the full transportation fare.
If the My Shuttle 4 Airport cannot fulfill the arranged conditions, the customer is entitled to replacement vehicle. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to previously contact the My Shuttle 4 Airport.

§ 4 Liability note

We assume no responsibility or liability in the event of delay as a result of reasons outside our control (accident, break down, traffic jam).

§ 5 Cancellation and Rebooking

Cancellation are free of charge only until 24 hours before the agreed date. The cancellation has to be made by an email. The customer has to pay 25% of the agreed price, in the case of cancellations after the deadline. Rebookings are only valid after the My Shuttle 4 Airport confirmed them via email.

§ Payment

The agreed price can be paid by the customer`s preferred payment method. Cash payments have to be paid directly to the driver, immediately after the service. Credit card payments can be paid in the booking process before fare or also immediately after the fare. Paypal payments have to be settled right after the booking. Invoices have to be settled within 2 weeks after arrival.

§ Data protection

The My Shuttle 4 Airport uses and stores personal data just for the process and settlement of bookings. We do not pass this information to third parties.

§ Applicable law and regulations

Besides the regulated terms and conditions, the STVO, STVZO, Bo Kraft and the German Passenger Transportation Act (Personenbeförderungsgesetz - PBfG) are also valid.

§ Severability clause

If there are single provisions in this general terms and conditions which are totally or partially invalid, this does not mean that the rest of the general terms and conditions are invalid, too. At this point the general legal regulation is valid.
The place of execution and court of jurisdiction is Duesseldorf, Germany. German law shall apply exclusively for any legal relationships between us and the customer.